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Eyewitness News Investigates: Fresno Inn

The City of Fresno partially condemns the Fresno Inn, off Clinton & 99. Tenants are living in filthy, roach-infested units, some lacking windows, heat and electricity.
The City of Fresno has partially condemned the Fresno Inn, off Clinton and 99. Code enforcement has issued several citations to the landlords, who live in Southern California. Some units lack heat and even windows, while others are infested with roaches and bed bugs. Tuesday, the city condemned five units. 20 others still have families living in them. If problems aren't fixed soon, the city plans to condemn the entire complex. The owners live in Southern California. They are legally responsible for fixing the repairs and for relocating families if those repairs aren't made. They said "no comment" to CBS47 investigative reporter Zara Arboleda. Watch her report here.

The landlords currently face two legal actions. They are appealing the City of Fresno's violations next week. They also face a class-action lawsuit filed by the tenants. The first hearing is in June.
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