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Eyewitness News Investigates: Check Scams

Job seekers need to watch out for a scam targeting them online. CBS47 Investigator Zara Arboleda takes a closer look at the problem.
Scammers have come up with a new twist to an old trick. They're targeting job seekers on sites like Craigslist. You respond to a listing for a local company, then get an email that you've been hired. A few days later, you receive a priority mail envelope from out-of-state, with a check written anywhere for a couple hundred to thousands of dollars. There are instructions to cash the check, keep 10% for yourself, then send the rest back to the company through a MoneyGram or Western Union.

Days later, though, your bank will notify you the check is no good, and *you* are responsible for paying all of that money back.

CBS47 Investigator Zara Arboleda spoke with a local college student who almost got scammed. She's now warning others about this. Watch the report here.
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