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Educator of the Week: Teresa Enns

Teresa Enns is a teacher at Grandview Elementary in Dinuba.
        Each week, we honor a teacher in the Valley who's making a difference.
        Today we visit Grandview Elementary in Dinuba.
        Every day in Teresa Enns' 3rd grade classroom is not only a chance for her kids to learn, its an opportunity for her to grow as well.
        "I think one of the best things about teaching is I'm a learner myself, I get to learn something new everyday," said Enns.
        Mrs. Enns has been teaching for more than three decades now, and in that time she's grown to appreciate not only the bond she creates with her students but with the rest of the campus as well.
        Being at a small school like Grandview Elementary, is something she cherishes.
        That affords us the opportunity to feel like a family both the staff and the families get to know each other on a real personal level.
        Her students speak pretty fondly of Mrs. Enns.
        "I love her just like my own family," said Jericho Ellorin, a student.
        And appreciate the techniques she uses to help them be their best.
        "Just making learning fun makes it faster and easier," said Yazmi Villarreal Harris.
        "They love learning and it's a challenge I'm up for its fabulous i get paid for what i do so much fun everyday," said Mrs. Enns.

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