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Educator of the Week: Maggie Hickman

Find out why her students say she's making a difference in their lives.
        Every week, we honor a teacher in the Valley who's making a difference.
        Today we visit Veva Blunt Elementary in Visalia.
        Lindsey Pena introduces us to our Educator of the Week.
        Maggie Hickman is a teacher at Viva Blunt Elementary in Visalia.
        It's hard to tell who's enjoying the story more, the Kindergartners, or their teacher Maggie Hickman.
        Mrs. Hickman teaches the morning class.
        She said her job just doesn't feel like work at all when it comes to her kids she's one of their biggest supporters.
        "One of my biggest things I always tell them, boys and girls you can do whatever you dream work hard and you can do it," said Hickman.
        Mrs. Hickman's attitude and outlook are qualities admired by her colleagues.
        "Her patience her understanding her love for her job, she encourages me and builds me up," said Jennifer Watson, a fellow teacher.
        Every day is a chance for Mrs. Hickman to help her students grow and learn as much as they can before they continue on their educational journey
        "You learn each child's needs and you just try to reach them where they're at and support them as best you can," said Hickman.
        "She loves kids, loves her job, always does her best, and she always gets good results," said Douglas Cardoza, school principal.

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