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Educator of the Week: Rheya Cortopassi

In the classroom of Rheya Cortopassi, challenges are all part of the process.
In the classroom of Rheya Cortopassi, challenges are all part of the process.

For the past two years, Miss Cortopassi as she is known to her 6th grade students, has made her classroom at Wolters a place for debate, learning and growth.

"It feels like I'm part of a family," says student Jessica Thomas.

Students like Jessica say it's her unique ability to bring kids together that has made going to class something to look forward too. But if you think that means they're going to get off easy, well you'd be wrong. In this class the goal is clear: college. And to get there it takes hard work.

"We have a mission statement where they set their goals at the beginning of the year and every day we revisit that. And all of them here want to go to college so I try to ingrain that in all of my lessons," says Cortopassi.

But through every paper, assignment and test, Mrs. Cortopassi injects here secret ingredient: love. And when combined with good old fashioned hard work the results are plain to see.

"I didn't know how to multiply integers until she taught me and now I'm like a straight A-plus student," says Luis Guzman.

So where does she stand in the opinion of Luis guzman? "She'll be like one of the most wonderful teachers I've ever had in my life."

And that's why Rheya Cortopassi is the KSEE 24 Educator of the Week.
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