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Educator of the Week: Nicole Kline

Each week, we honor a teacher in the Central Valley who's making a difference. This week we visited Luther Burbank Elementary in Merced.
        Nicole Kline is a special education teacher who's developed a real understanding of how to reach her unique students. "They still can learn and do things we just have to do it a different way. it doesn't make them any less special any less smart," said Kline.
        Kline has been in education for eight years now, but to others it sometimes seems like she's been doing this a lot longer.
        Her ability to motivate everyone around her is something Mrs. Kline is known for, no matter what she's doing it always seems she has a knack for making it count.
        The learning process might be a bit different here but that doesn't mean it's any less rewarding.
        "Just to see them be able to learn something and grasp something understand it, its amazing to see the light that goes on. they jump up and down its just awesome," said Kline.
        When Mrs. Kline looks at these kids she doesn't just see students, to her they're much more.
        "These are my kids we have 16 kids you have to love all of them," said Kline.

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