Educator of the Week: Denise Douglas

Educator of the Week: Denise Douglas

With a class full of high school seniors, Denise Douglas has her work cut out for her but she says she loves every minute.

"They're right there, being adult, we can joke and have fun and relate what they're learning, neat to see them evolve into who they're gonna be," says Douglas.

As a government and economics teacher at Tulare Western, Mrs. Douglas is known for being tough sometimes but she says there's always a good reason.

"When they come back and thank me, how much they appreciate even though I was tough I actually really did help prepare them for life, be it college, the military or a job."

Mrs Douglas spends extra time as the leader of several clubs and organizes educational trips for her students throughout the year. It's that devotion and her positive attitude that make her a favorite on campus.

Say's one student: "She's awesome, she can be very sarcastic but it's a very jolly sarcastic."

'"She does understand our generation, what its like to come from a background which is tough but still be able to make it," says another.
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