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With a classroom full of sixth graders, Andrea Gregory is in her element
Each week, we honor a teacher in the valley who's making a difference. This week we visit Valley Oak Elementary School in Fresno.

With a classroom full of sixth graders, Andrea Gregory is in her element.

"They're still children, they're still young adults but they're still sweet at heart," says Gregory.

Here at Valley Oak Elementary, Mrs. Gregory has plenty of techniques to help her students learn. Today white boards are a big part of the math lesson. But no matter the subject, she says its all about recognizing each child and figuring out what sets them apart.

"You just try to make that connection with every kid. If they're struggling you make them feel they could talk to you at any time," says Gregory.

That approach is making a pretty positive impact, her kids say she's pretty special.

Says one student: "She plays little games with us, she makes it fun, she tells jokes in class."

"She's fun, characteristic, enthusiastic and really funny," says another student.

The best part of Mrs. Gregory's day is realizing that what she's done is making a difference in these young lives.

"When I see that what I've taught or what I've delivered the kids get and can build on it even more they take it to the next level on their own." says Gregory.
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