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Doug Vagim Talking About No on Measure G

Former Fresno County Supervisor Doug Vagim spoke to CBS47 on why Measure G is not necessary
Former Fresno County Supervisor Doug Vagim spoke to CBS47 on Friday on why Measure G in not necessary for the city of Fresno.

Vagim spoke on why he and others oppose the measure that is proposed by Mayor Ashley Swearengin as a way to help balance the cities budget.

If approved on Tuesday's upcoming election, the measure would allow the city to move on with privatizing residential trash service.

Vagim believes that Mayor Swearengin and those in favor of the measure can find other solutions to solving the cities budget woes than turning to the rate payers savings.

Vagim says it's wrong that the city is targeting the savings fund, which is paid by Fresno residents specifically for their trash service. 

"There's a charter admendment put in by the people in the 1950's in the city because we ran into this problem before and it says you don't go after that money because it belongs to the task of trash hauling," Vagim said.

Voting on Measure G takes place in the City of Fresno on June 4th.

You can tune in for the results on CBS47 or CBS47.TV

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