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We Are Fresno: A Musician with Powerful Music

A Fresno man is trying to bring a message to life with his very own musical talents.
        Music is often referred to as food for the soul, and, one Fresno man is trying to bring that message to life with his very own musical talents.
        In this week's We Are Fresno.
        One note at a time......Danny Caudle hopes to heal the world.
        "Service dissolves my depression and I won't really have a purpose in there without this and so it really is like a prescription medication for me," said 
        Four days a week, at four different senior care centers in Fresno County, the 30-year-old musician shares his gift with many folks.
        "Sometimes I'll be coming here and be sort of down and I start listening to him singing and i go, it's great to be alive," said Dolores Kennedy a fan of Danny's.
        "I realized what I was doing was powerful for me, it was powerful for them powerful for people to see it," he said.
        Caudle, who's a full time Senior Care Center Director, has been playing music since he was 12.
        But six months ago...he decided to take his talent to the streets of the Tower District, and he's quite the performer.
        Engaging and interacting with strangers as the walk and pass by.
        "It's about the music and it's about the passion behind it about playing to people about connecting to people," he said.
        Making the connections, no matter where he is.
        "I think music can change the world, but i can do my part," said Caudle.

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