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Witnesses React to Major Accident Where 12 Were Injured

Witnesses describe what they saw during the crash near California and Fruit this afternoon.
        A dozen people are sent to the hospital after a crash near California and Fruit Friday afternoon.
        According to police, the driver of a black sedan was traveling over 70 miles-an- hour when he blew through a stop sign.
        A motorcycle office tried to stop the speeding driver, just before this happened.
        Police said a man driving a black Lexus crashed into a suburban, going 71 mph.
        Debris from the wreckage can be seen scattered all over the roadway.
        The crash happened just after 1pm.
        Inside the SUV 8 children and one adult.
        Witnesses said several of them ended up being thrown from the vehicle.
        Three other people in the black car were hospitalized.
        The driver was arrested, after police say he tried to run from the scene of the accident, leaving several people lying in the roadway.
        Some of them were severely injured.
        Witnesses did what they could to comfort the victims.
        "I'm still in shock, blood coming out of his forehead," said George Travis a witness.
        "My guess is he didn't even see the motorcycle officer," said Sergeant Anthony Dewall with the Fresno Police Department.
        The driver is charged with felony hit and run and also has a felony warrant for his arrest.
        Police said he was driving with a suspended license.
        We are working to find out who the suspect and the victims are.

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