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We Are Fresno: Community Medical Center's Gym for Employees

Community Medical Centers is giving its employees an opportunity to get in shape.
                Community Medical Centers is giving its employees an opportunity to get in shape.
                A 6,000 square foot gym has been made available to them on the community regional medical center campus in Downtown Fresno.
                The Pete Peters Foundation donated $250,000 dollars to build it.
                So far, 3,000 people have signed-up to use it.
                It's located just outside the main hospital in the East Medical Plaza building on Divisadero Street.
                The fitness center is for medical staff and employees only.
                It features all of the basic equipment one would need to get physically fit.        
                There's free weights, cabled machines, treadmills, and exercise bikes.
                Which happen to sit next to a giant television.
                It's through the generosity of the Pete Peters family that this has happened.
                Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Peg Breen said as a medical organization, it only seems fitting to have community employees aspire to be healthy.
                When you see people really enthusiastic and making progress on their goals, you think maybe i can do that too, so we want to be role models and have all of our employees focus on fitness.
                The gym is open from 5 a-m to 11 p-m. And is available to as many as 7,300 employees.
                Mara Gonzalez is a pre-op education nurse. She's happy, "It's mostly a desk job, so it's nice to have a place to workout afterwards since I don't get much exercised walking up and down like i used to." 
                Doctor Jim Comes said the gym is extremely convenient for him.
                "Because I have my offices across the way to the left and to the right I have the emergency department.  I walk past here everyday about five to ten times a day, so i really have no excuse to step in and workout before or after my shift," said Comes.
                Community doesn't want anyone to feel intimidated and not workout because they don't know how to use some of these machines, so certified fitness trainers are standing by to help them.
                "Whatever questions they have, they can approach me and ask, said Aubrey Alfano.
                Alfano is one those trainers.
                "We've had people that have never come into a gym and now I see them everyday. They're coming back, asking more questions and that's the whole goal.
and looking ahead," said Alfano.
                Breen said the facility should be a great tool to recruit and retain talented people.
                "When you have physicians, residents and employees come through a place like this, they know we're there for them and we love that," said Alfano.

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