Clovis Rodeo Thrives During Rainstorm

Clovis Rodeo Thrives During Rainstorm

Day two of the Clovis Rodeo brought out the umbrellas and rain boots, but cowboys and cowgirls were still in the spirit.

By the time riders were ready to saddle up, the rain started to fall, and that meant things got down and dirty for the cowboys...real fast.

"It's not different to me, it can get sticky and muddy," said Bareback Bronc
Rider Justin McDaniel.

A heavy downpour, topped with lighting and wind. And still, for hundreds
huddled under umbrellas and hats, it's a way to spend fun-family time.

"Brought this crazy poncho we're here," said Maxine McCullough
who's been "rodeo-going" for the last ten years.

But rodeo mentality is strong. They ride rain or shine...including the little
cowboys and cowgirls.

Dallon Roberts is six-years-old, and already A Muttin Bustin' pro...working
on his technique since he could speak.

"Hold on as tight as I can," he said.

Dallon says he holds on as tight as he can, and loves to play in the dirt, or
in this case, an arena of mud.

"The muddier the better...he's looking for to it," his dad said.

And from a first-place bronc rider from Oklahoma...who attends up to a
hundred rodeos a year... the rodeo is about winning, no matter what you're up

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