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Car Seat Safety

Axel Reyes of the California Highway Patrol visited KSEE Sunrise to talk about child car seat safety and an event this weekend on how to properly install the seat in your vehicle.

GEORGE TAKATA: child car seats are obviously designed to keep the little ones safe in case of an accident, but they have to be installed properly, and so there's an event this weekend in clovis to help make sure that you're protecting your child properly so axel reyes of the california highway patrol graciously joins me this morning with more on why you should take part in the event - thank you axel for coming on in - talk about this event - it's at future ford in clovis?

AXEL REYES: right - future ford in clovis - they're hosting the event - it's actually with the california highway patrol , the fresno pd as well as the clovis pd and a combination of technicians heading out and checking car seats for the parents and caregivers - we want to make sure people are safe this summer - a lot of traveling - just want to make sure those youngsters are properly seat belted. 

GEORGE TAKATA: am I going to be surprised at how many parents don't know how to put their kid in a seat

AXEL REYES: it is - we're still over 90% misuse rate in the valley - we're still finding little things and some big things that people are improperly seat belting their child in there.

GEORGE TAKATA: what is the biggest mistake parents are making when it comes to putting their child in a seat properly?

AXEL REYES: one of the things that we see that really want to know is the seat actually being installed properly - it's still loose - the seat belt's not being locked in properly or the latch system isn't used properly - and that's probably one of the biggest things where if there's a traffic collision, the seat gets kind of bounced around a little bit which causes injuries to the child.

GEORGE TAKATA: you're a parent of 3 but you're a new parent again - you have a 2 year old and a teenager so you're getting a refresher course on this so it's good to get that too right?

AXEL REYES: it is - we emphasize to parents just because you've had some experience in the past, technology is changing so often, the seats change so often, the cars change so often that it's always good to have a refresher course and if you're not sure it's good to have the seat checked - and we'll explain the car seat to you, we'll explain the car to you - and all the ins and outs for you.

GEORGE TAKATA: all free?

AXEL REYES: all free.

GEORGE TAKATA: what a great idea - do you expect a lot of people to come out to this and do you historically have a lot of people come out to this?

AXEL REYES: historically we do - we sometimes have to cut the line off and have people come to our office - but that's what we're hoping is for people to come out there - it's from 10-1 - we encourage people to come out first thing - and we'll have at least 6 stations, about 12 technicians out there checking seats and we encourage everyone to come out and be there and if you can't give us a call later on but for sure wee try to come out to the public and try to find a central location for this and look forward to having a few people out there.

GEORGE TAKATA: all right, it's at Future Ford in Clovis, 920 west shaw saturday from 10 am to 1 pm - that's this saturday - what a great opportunity - to get either a refresher course on how to properly keep your child safe or if you're a new parent to learn for the first time on how to do it right because you've got to get it right - it's your kid - Axel Reyes thank you very much for coming in - appreciate the time - we'll be right back.

AXEL REYES: thank you.

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