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We Are Fresno: Crazy Name, Growing Business

A Valley businessman's crazy idea has turned into a booming business.
        When you hear an idea that's so off the wall, most of us are inclinded to say it's "crazy."
        But for one Valley businessman, having his ideas called that has just motivated him more.
        So much so... that he's given his expanding business a crazy name.
        He's the subject of this week's We are Fresno report.
        Carlos Vieira will admit it... his passions tend to differ from most people. Auto racing, supercross motorcycles, and a line of energy drinks.
        So, his motto, live the madness is now shared by his buisness.
        And that shares it's name with the legal code for crazy: 51-50.
        "It's fun to be successful in business. But when you're not doing more than just making money, if you can find someway to give back, not just financially, but also bring the community together to show the people that are less fortunate, we're here for you and we'll do whatever we can to help you," said Vieira.
        Vieira's Livingston based business started in 2007, with race cars.
        Many said he was, you guessed it, crazy to try it.
        success followed, along with a lot of determination.
        And he then searched for a cause to chase as well.
        "It was such an awesome feeling knowing that we were making a difference in the community. so we decided to dedicate our whole next season to race for autism. that's how the whole racing for autism started," said Vieira.
        His cars, and his bikes all carry a puzzle piece, and continue to race for autism.
        He's hoping you'll help the cause, too, so much so that he's turned his first race car into the world's fastest piggy bank.
        "You know what, we can do something with that, bring it up to the next level. So, instead of us going to people asking for change, we're going to take the car places and ask them to gather change from their house, car, whatever and come and donate it to our autism money car. and fill it up by the end of the year," said Vieira.
        It's hard to say how much money this car will hold.
        But, Vieira and his 51-50 team have already raised nearly $500,000 for autism and Valley charities.
        Still, if cant make it to the races, 51-50 has another way.
        "So anytime you purchase a can of 5150, a percentage gets donated to our foundation to help families in need," he said.
        There's nothing crazy about doing that.

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