Bill requires motorboaters pass exam

Bill requires motorboaters pass exam

A proposed state law requires all motorboat operators pass an exam.
If you need a license to drive a car, you should need a license to operate a boat.
That's the opinion of two California lawmakers who introduced a bill meant to reduce accidents and save lives.

The law would require all motorboat operators pass an exam.  They'll then be issued cards to verify the certification.

The requirement will be phased-in by age starting with people age 20 or younger in 2018 up to 60 and older in 2025.

California Senator Bill Monning says, "We have received broad support, no opposition from boating groups or boating associations because they want their members to be protected. Their members are put at risk as well, they might have very responsible, very experienced members operating motorcraft, but they're put at risk by somebody who's perhaps younger, less experienced and has never received any kind of training or certification."

The law specifies the cost of certification should be no more than what's necessary to run the program - up to thirty dollars a card.
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