Bikini Clad Baristas Brew Controversy in Clovis

Bikini Clad Baristas Brew Controversy in Clovis

The heat is on inside a Clovis coffee shop, amid boiling concerns about 'barely there' employee uniforms.  Bottoms Up Espresso opened in January on Shaw Avenue between Willow and Peach, and now it's racy business model, which includes employees in bikinis, is stirring up controversy.  The business owner says it's supposed to be cute and fun, but some neighbors say the women need to cover up or get out.

Aside from freshly ground espresso and hot lattes, there's something a little more steamy brewing inside Bottoms Up Espresso; the baristas serving up a cup of Joe in bikinis, bras and short shorts.

Customer Talina Hurley says, "If you find out they have a bikini and you don't like it, go somewhere else."

Loyal customers, which include a fairly equal share of men and women, say it's all about the product and the customer service, not the bikini clad attire.

Rob Davis says, "You see more cleavage or butt at the beach."

The problem is, the business is not beachside; it's in Clovis at the corner of Shaw and Peach and right around the corner from Candice Eslick's home.

Candice Eslick says, "I don't like seeing it in my neighborhood."

Eslick is a 50 year old grandmother.  She says the clothing is inappropriate, but also offensive are the menu names, many of which contain sexual innuendos.

"I know everybody finds a need to sell and make money in whatever fashion they need to, but what about character?  What about morals?  What about a standard that Clovis stands for?"

Eslick started a petition and has collected nearly 100 signatures.  She plans to bring the issue to city council on April 21st.

City council member Nathan Magsig says, "As long as this business OS following the rules that are set in place by the conditional use permits, we're really limited in the city as to what we can do."

Magsig says there is a city ordinance with a business dress code in place.  Bottoms Up owner Alexandra Ireland says that code has never been violated.
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