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Above Normal Monday

Above Normal Monday
A cold front will drop temperatures by 10-15 degrees Tuesday and bring windy weather to central California.

The Sierra will have showers (snow above 6,000-feet) and strong wind gusts to near 70 mph.

The valley will be blustery along I-5 through the day and very light showers (probably sprinkles or nothing) will be possible between 6 and 9 A.M.

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Fresno, CA

Partly Cloudy
  • High: 111°F
  • Low: 82°F
  • Sunrise: 6:03 AM PDT
  • Sunset: 8:06 PM PDT
  • Feels Like: 85°F
  • Wind Chill: 84°F
  • Visibility: 7 mi.
  • Dew Point: 61°
  • Relative Humidity: 46%