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Abducted 3-yr-old Girl Found, Suspect Search Continues

The search continues for the man who abducted a 3-year old girl from outside her apartment Sunday night before dark.

The search continues for the suspect who abducted a 3-year old girl from outside her home in Fresno County.

A deputy found the toddler Monday morning in an open field near her home, 12 hours she was abducted.

The girl was the focus of an intensive search all day Monday.

She was abducted outside an apartment complex...from the back seat of her mom's car, triggering a statewide amber alert.

Eyewitness News assisted in that search by airing the name and picture of the girl...

However, because she is the underage victim of a crime, it's our policy to no longer identify the girl.

Lemor Abrams is live at the Fresno County Sheriff's Department where the investigation continued.
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