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5 killed in Santa Monica shooting spree

A gunman wearing body armor and carrying an assault rife opened fire on the campus of Santa Monica College on Friday.
(Teresa Garcia Reporting)

Five people are dead, plus the gunman, after a shooting spree in Santa Monica.

It happened just three miles from where President Obama was attending a fundraiser. 

Police say the suspect, 23-year-old John Zawahri, shot his father and brother at his father's home before going on a shooting rampage at Santa Monica College, where he and his brother attended.

Witnesses say a gunman wearing body armor and carrying an assault rifle opened fire on students. "He panned over with his gun and I just jumped out of the way and he shot at me. He just seemed very calm, he panned around looking, like I'm looking for targets," said one witness.

Police surrounded the gunman, then chased him into a campus library where he was shot and killed.

Students at the college were taking final exams at the time of the shooting. 

Police locked down the campus and told the students to leave.

The fifth victim died from her wounds over the weekend.

Investigators are looking into a history of abuse by the gunman's father as a possible link to the violence.
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