3 Dead After Violent Rampage in Stockton

3 Dead After Violent Rampage in Stockton

A violent bank robbery, chase and shootout left a hostage and two suspects dead and two other hostages in the hospital in Stockton.
Three people are now dead, a hostage and two suspects. Two more hostages hospitalized with possible head injuries after being thrown out the car after a violent rampage in Stockton.

Homicide investigators continue picking up the pieces after an afternoon bank robbery spirals out of control into a high speed car chase and shootout on three highways killing an innocent hostage, a bank customer and Leaving two other hostages hospitalized.

It started at the Bank of The West in North Stockton. Three suspects accused of robbing the bank and witnesses say walking out with three women. Reportedly with AK47s to their heads.

Police say the suspects stole one of the hostage's cars, a bank employee. Reaching Speeds of up to 100 miles per hour as they fired at officers, homes, and other cars from the back of their car. 

They then shot two hostages who were either tossed or jumped from the speeding car.

The chase came to an end and the Stockton Police Chief confirmed the worst, that one hostage had been killed in the violent rampage.

Stockton Police and the F.B.I. continue to investigate this case.
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