Crews Film at Warnor's Theater

Crews Film at Warnor's Theater

Movie crew sets up shop.
It's lights, camera and action inside Fresno's Warnors Theatre.

For the next week, the historic theater is being used as a movie set.

An L.A. based production crew is shooting an independent film called 'Concessioneers'. It's about a group of employees trying to keep their movie theater from going out of business.

One of the producers says the Warnor's Theater was the perfect back drop for the film.

"Fresno has been amazing, the people here are the nicest people, everyone here has been super accommodating. I highly recommend it to anyone who's thinking of shooting," says producer Zaki Rubenstein. 

She also says crew members and talent were hired from right here in the valley.
Filming will take place through Friday and the crew is also live streaming the entire movie making process.

If you'd like to check it out visit CMDTHEMOVIE.COM
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