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Cool Schools: Clovis West High School

CBS47's Mike Scott talks with Clovis West grad, Melissa Kompsi, who applied to 9 colleges and was accepted by all of them.
As the semester comes to a close, high school seniors get ready for college. 

CBS47's Mike Scott introduces us to one remarkable student in the last Cool School segment of the year.

Melissa Kompsi is graduating from Clovis West High School and applied to nine different colleges and universities, and got accepted at all of them... so she was able to choose where she wanted to go. 

Melissa says she was amazed that she was accepted to all of them. "...because some of them had really low acceptance rates, like San Diego State has about 30% acceptance, and so does Long Beach. So, I didn't expect to get in, but I was really pleased when I did," said Melissa.

So, which of the nine schools is Melissa going to? Well, she decided on Hawaii Pacific, because they awarded her a very generous scholarship.

Melissa said, "I got the President's Scholarship, which is the highest for academics, and I got $50,000 from them, so $12,500 a year for four years."

Melissa's mother, Ann Kompsi said, "She opened this big envelope, and there was this beautiful brochure-type thing, kind of like a diploma looking thing, and it said you've been accepted - honored with the Presidential Award - $50,000 to HPU, and she just started crying. I go, 'There you go - that's where you're going'."

Melissa will be studying nursing at her new college, but she also has a strong interest in music. She loves singing with the Clovis West Choir, and she loves playing piano too. So, when Melissa found out that more scholarship money might be available at her new college, she used modern technology to apply for it. "I wanted to audition for the choir and the band at Hawaii Pacific, because there's also another scholarship involved there. So what I had to do to audition, because I obviously can't go over there was - I had to go on Skype to sing to the choir director, and then I had to record me playing piano and post it on YouTube for the band audition," said Melissa.

Congratulations to Melissa and the rest of the 2013 graduating class.
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