Conference Championship ticket sales flat

Conference Championship ticket sales flat

Despite Fresno State's 10-1 record, 10,000 tickets are still available for the Mountain West Conference Championship at Bulldog Stadium on Saturday.
Saturday is the first ever Mountain West Conference Championship, and it's happening in our own backyard.  Fresno State takes on Utah State at Bulldog Stadium.  After three sold out games this season, the university hopes fans will fill the seats once again.  

Bulldog Stadium is sporting some extra flare for Saturday's game.  Purple Mountain West Conference Championship banners have been hung all over, and CBS even installed a sky camera over the field.  
The 7pm kickoff, coupled with a valley cold snap, has food vendor Carol Ehoff bracing for the elements.

"I have heaters at every stand and we've stocked up with hand warmers and toe warmers for all our employees and runners," said Ehoff. 

For the fans, she has plenty of warm food and drinks, including hot chocolate. 

"I'll just dress up really warm.  Like this, times ten," said on Fresno State students.

Some students are excited for the championship game. 

"They definitely have a solid squad and they just need to finish strong," said student, Andy Loera. 

Senior Associate Athletic Director Paul Ladwig hopes last week's first loss of the season hasn't deflated fans.  There are 10,000 tickets still available.

"This is what the community has asked for.  They wanted a championship game, they wanted a team that didn't lose, they wanted a team that puts 49 points on the board every week, they wanted to see 600 yards of offense.  We have all of those things," said Ladwig.
Bulldog faithful encourage everyone to show up. 

"Go buy some thermals and just come out here and support our team.  We need you in the stadium.  Don't watch on TV, come here," said Ehoff.

CBS47 is airing a pregame show at 6pm, hosted by Andrew Marden, Devon Thrasher and former Bulldog quarterback Paul Pinegar.
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