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CA Inspectors Analyze Frozen Citrus Crop

Inspectors say plenty of good fruit is left, but a lot has been lost.

Inspectors are analyzing oranges, lemons, and mandarins...picked after Friday's hard freeze.

"We saw water soaking and we saw some crystals," said Fruit Inspector Scottie Walker

Inspectors say some valley oranges and mandarins are dry like straw.

But there is hope.

"We cut a sample of lemons that were protected so they either hand a wind machine or running water-they probably had a wind machine," said Walker.

From wind machines to peach pits, about $23.5 million has already been spent in the last couple weeks...trying to prevent more freeze damage.

"You can have freeze damage vary from area to area within the same orchard-you know you have a low spot. 90% can be fine, 10% can be ravaged" said Fresno Co. Deputy Ag Commissioner Fred Rinder."

Fresno County's Deputy Ag Commissioner says even though they look bright and tasty on the outside, they decayed fruit won't be sent out into the market. 

Much has been learned since the Valley's worst freezes in 1998 and 2007.

"Everybody is just kind of on high alert just watching for the damage," said Rinder.

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