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CA A.G. Says State Would Save Millions Legalizing Pot

There is a measure working its way onto California's ballot that would legalize pot here in the golden state. California's top law enforcement official says it could save the state hundreds of millions of dollars a year.
California was the first state in the nation to legalize marijuana for medical use back in 1996. And now voters could legalize pot.
A proposed initiative that would regulate and tax marijuana.
People we spoke with think it's a good idea.

"They can make the tax we sorely need too. It's the same as cigarettes and alcohol and what have you," said a woman we spoke with.

"I think if you're getting a fat tax on it, that's good because it's beneficial," said Aubrey Willis.

California Attorney General Kamala Harris says that legalizing pot would save the state hundreds of millions of dollars on enforcing marijuana laws. And that it would bring in millions more in tax revenue from pot sales.

Defenders of medical marijuana say it makes sense to make pot legal.

"Let's tax it, lets regulate it so it's not any more available to children, to minors. And lets quit wasting our time, money and people's lives," said Fresno attorney Brenda Linder.

Linder has represented medical marijuana dispensaries and collectives and believes pot should be regulated like alcohol.

But Fresno sheriff Margaret Mims has dealt with crime tied to huge marijuana gardens. Crime that includes murders, shootings, and robberies.

"It's all about the money. And somebody is looking for revenue and the problem is we should not be for sale. We should not be for sale and so desperate for revenue that we compromise our young people," said Mims.

Supporters need to get a little more than half a million signatures by the end of May to get the initiative on the 2014 ballot.
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