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Black Friday Deals Happening Thursday

You used to have to wait until Friday for Black Friday deals. Now, more and more stores are opening on Thanksgiving.
27 more shopping days til Christmas?

More like 27 hours!

Barricades are up at places like Walmart, where bikers are first in line for Thursday deals.

"Oh yeah, we're gonna ransack the place."

They're actually waiting to get as many bicycles as they can for the 15th annual Hells Angels toy run for Poverello House.

"We're rotating shifts standing in line with other people. other people will come in and they'll have the time to eat with their families," said first in line biker Vince Martinez.

Pass the gravy?

More like pass the coupons!

With crazy prices on items like TV's, iPads, and video games, who can wait?

This guy. That's who.

Shopper Vartan Hekimian says, "Everybody's out, and it's going to be crowded, it's, you know, and you hear the horror stories by the media."

But what happened to just spending Thanksgiving day at home with your family?

The pilgrims must be rolling over in their graves... right?

"I think the pilgrims were our predecessors that established that type of culture. so they would be doing the same thing."

Now, if you want to get away from the Black Friday chaos, maybe try Germany.

That's where Caroline Gonzalez is from.

"We're more calm in Germany. We don't go as crazy as people do over here on Thanksgiving or Christmas."

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