Big Rig Inspections Enforce Clean Air Laws

Big Rig Inspections Enforce Clean Air Laws

The California Air Resources Board set up inspection sites in Fresno to stop truck drivers and make sure their engines were up to date with anti-pollution requirements.

Tuesday morning, the California Air Resources Board along with the California Highway Patrol set up inspection sites in Fresno to stop truck drivers in an effort to ensure big rigs are complying with clean air quality laws.

On Jensen Avenue between Highways 99 and 41, the CA ARB enforced anti-pollution regulations.

"There's several different laws that affect different types of buses and trucks and vehicles. So depending on the type of industry that they may be in, they may have already had to have certain equipment adapted to their vehicles," said Eloy Florez, air pollution specialist with the CA ARB.

Starting in 2008, larger fleets phased in changes to their trucks--improvements that should help reduce harmful diesel exhaust.

"It gets into your lungs, and it's so small, your lungs can't get it swept out. So that's one of these things that these filters actually help capture and remove from the environment," Florez said.

By the beginning of next year, more diesel trucks will have to install filters that catch diesel exhaust particulates.

Those who did not pass the inspection were ticketed.

Komi Touglo is a truck driver, who went through the inspection site smoothly.

"Hopefully we'll have more of this on the road, not just California but the whole United States," Touglo said.

He added that he believes it's a good thing that the CHP was helping the CA ARB with enforcing rules to keep the air clean.

The fines for not complying are steep, typically ranging from $300 to $1,000, and the fines can be as high as $10,000 in some cases. 

For more information on regulations, visit and click on the "truck stop" tab.

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