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Bakersfield Tornado

The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado in Bakersfield Monday evening.
The National Weather Service confirmed on Tuesday that a weak tornado touched down in Bakersfield Monday evening.

The twister was on the ground near Stockdale Highway and Old River Road for about two minutes around 7:10 Monday evening.

NWS Forecasters used eyewitness video and other meteorological data to rate the tornado's power as an EF0, the weakest level of tornado.

No damage was reported but video shows dust being sucked into tornado and trees being blown around in 50 mph winds.

NWS forecasters said the tornado was a type known as a landspout that are fairly common in California.

Landspouts are generated by weaker, non-rotating thunderstorms unlike the large and destructive tornadoes that are created by supercell thunderstorms that spin and create powerful updrafts that fuel the storm.


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