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Special Report: Feeding pets in hard times

Twice every month, on the second and fourth Mondays, people line up outside the Halo Cafe in Fresno, so that their pets won't have to go hungry.
It's a food pantry - for pets!  CBS47's Mike Scott take us inside the 'Halo Cafe.'

Twice every month, on the second and fourth Monday, people line up outside the Halo Cafe in Fresno, so that their pets won't have to go hungry.

Halo Café is the name of the group that hands out the pet food to people who just can't afford to buy it at the store. There is a limit as to how often these people can come, and they also have to agree to get their animals spayed or neutered.

Founder Jennifer Yovino said, "I have to tell you this isn't my real job. This is what I do as a labor of love, and the longer that line gets, it's bitter sweet, because I know there are a lot of animals to feed. But God bless this community, because I know I can feed them. And we've been in business just a little over a year, and we have never had to turn anyone away. We are filling tummies and we are saving lives, and by the grace of this community, we're able to do it."

Hundreds of people show up to get the free food for their pets. "I think it's great that they do this for everybody that need the help," said Pete Navarro, picking up food for his cat.

Pet owner Pattie Flannaigan said, "I love this place here, I really do, because if it wasn't for this, I think my dogs would be going hungry, or I'd be feeding my food to them." 

What a difference a few months can make. Remember, this all started with one pick-up truck, driving around town, handing out pet food to people in need. Now that they are in a warehouse, the Halo Café is able to distribute as much as 5,000 pounds of pet food every single month.

Founder Jim Yovino said, "You know, once they've gotten their life straightened out, the thing that warms my heart, is to see them come back and actually say, 'Here's $20. You helped us for six months.' We want to help people who may need it."

Pet owner Carol Vaughn said, "Thank you for being here [Halo Cafe], thank you for contributing to people who can't afford it each month. 

Click the related link for more information about the Halo Cafe and how you can get involved. You can also make a donation online so they can continue to help feed hungry pets in our community.

You can also watch the Extended Play video of Jennifer talking about the name, "Halo Cafe."

The warehouse is located at 4180 W. Alamos #109, near Shaw and Brawley in Fresno.

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