Crime Stoppers Leads to Major Arrests in Fresno

Crime Stoppers Leads to Major Arrests in Fresno

Jerry Vue was wanted for kidnapping, raping, and assaulting his girlfriend
last summer.

But when detectives got a lead Tuesday, they were at Vue's location in less
than fifteen minutes.

"We received a tip at 12: 44 pm and that time is important because by 1pm we
had members of the task force set up at the residence where the suspect was set
to be," said Chief Dyer. 

A Crime Stoppers tip led detectives to their suspect...and they knew to treat
it seriously.

"We knew he was an individual that was armed the tip said that and we
also knew he was most and we responded in a tactical manner," he said.

Crime Stoppers lets callers remain anonymous and collect a reward. The Chief
says it's a good return on investment.

"This year alone... 569 arrested ...And that only cost us 56 thousand
dollars," he said.

Every week Crime Stoppers reveals a list of Fresno's most wanted.

"Without crimestoppers I don't think we'd get information that allows to
capture dangerous criminals," said Sgt. David Ramos.

For detectives like Sgt. Ramos, CrimeStoppers comes in when officers have
exhausted all leads.

In some cases, when suspects leave town.

"However when those suspects flee our jurisdiction in the city of fresno,
they still keep in contact with family members friends who know exactly where
the'yre at and where they can be located....and allow us where we need to go to
apprehend suspects," said Ramos.

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