High School Hot Shots: Jonah and Jacob Wilson

Clovis High senior Jonah Wilson and Buchanan High senior Jacob Wilson not only share a last name, but they share a passion for throwing a 4-pound discus, and a 12-pound metal ball.

"I started throwing when I was in the 3rd and 4th grade," said Jonah, the older of the two cousins by a couple months.  

These cousins have been throwing the discus and the shot put since they were in elementary school. 

"I have videos when I was throwing the shot put in the backyard," said Jacob.  

Throwing runs in the Wilson family.  Jonah's father Todd and Jacob's father David were both college all-americans in the Pac-12, and both brothers were good enough to make it as far as the United States Olypmic Trials.  But both dads say, their sons are better. 

Says Todd, "I mean I enjoyed it, but he loves it." 

Adds David, "they both have a much bigger frame than either myself or my brother." 

In late April, Jonah showed off that impressive potential at a meet in Clovis.

"Oh man, when it left my hand it was crazy," said Jonah.  

He bettered his personal best by about 20 feet in the discus, setting a California state record with the top high school throw in the country this year, 221 feet and 5 inches. 

"I'm just going like 'wow, this is crazy,'" said Todd. 

It broke the all-time California high school record by 7 and a half feet, and only four high school athletes in the country had ever thrown further. 

Also competing in that event, his cousin was there to witness it and was impressed. 

"The discus carried nicely," said Jacob.  "It was a great throw."  

And Jacob would know.  He's also among the nation's best in the discus in the high school ranks, and is top-ranked in the state at the prep level in the shot put.

Of course, right on his heels in the shot is Jonah, who is ranked second in the state in that discipline, which means when these two show up at a meet, it can be intimidating for the competition. 

"I've definitely heard it, 'oh those are the Wilson's,'" chuckled Jacob.  "(so) be prepared for 3rd and 4th place." 

The family competition will continue into the Pac-12 next year.  Jonah will follow his father's footsteps to Washington and Jacob will do the same to UCLA.  But if these two continue to improve, maybe one day, they'll be able to compete as teammates wearing the red white and blue. 

"I wanna be there," said Jonah, in reference to the 2020 Olympics.  

"If I'm good enough to go (to the Olympics)," said Jacob. "I'll definitely pursue that." 

Both these athletes have made some big gains between their junior and senior seasons, with Jonah adding about 40 pounds on his frame and Jacob about 30.  They push each other, but at the same time, celebrate each other's achievements. 

"It is intense, but it's always friendly between us too," said Jonah. 

"If it wasn't gonna be me (winning a competition), it's good that it's him," said Jacob.  

And for their fathers, who serve as their respective coaches, it's been a fun ride as well. 

"Being a coach and being a father," added Todd.  "That combination, it's been better than anything I ever did." 

"It is a lot of fun, especially in the Valley," says David.  "You walk into a meet, they know who we are, that's a kick." 






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