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What is Class"C" rating?

Fire-resistance rating that indicates roofing materials are able to withstand light exposure to fire originating from sources outside the building.

From Fresno Dental Professionals

What preparation is necessary before the BriteSmile? treatment?

BriteSmile? elicits the best results on clean, healthy teeth. Therefore, a thorough cleaning is recommended prior to the treatment, to rid the teeth of plaque, tartar and rotting food particles. The dentist will always thoroughly examine the teeth while performing the cleaning to check for any fractures, inflammation or decay. Photographs might also be taken of the teeth prior to the bleaching procedure. This makes "before and after" comparisons more evident. Though the whitening procedure only takes an hour in the office, BriteSmile? toothpaste, dental trays and a less concentrated version of the gel may be given for home use. BriteSmile? is long lasting and effective, but stains can quickly reappear on the teeth - particularly if tobacco is being used.

From Eminent Domain Attorney C. William Brewer, PC

What is Eminent Domain?

Eminent Domain is a power given to Government or Quasi-Government Agencies to take or damage part or all of privately owned property. The power of Eminent Domain also may be used to force a Business, Tenant under a lease or Landowner to relocate. The Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution protects Landowners by requiring Government Agencies to pay "just compensation." If a Business or Property Owner or Occupant is forced to relocate, California Law requires payment for moving and relocation expenses. Government Agencies may only take private property when it is for a "public use" that is deemed more important than the Private Owner's use. From Vino & Friends What are the best vintages? Vintages are very region-specific and there are no universally great vintages, though some have come close. Most quality-minded producers only bottle wines they are proud of, so while the vintage does affect the wines, in many cases it's more a stylistic effect than a qualitative one. The best vintages are the ones that you like. Some people prefer hot vintages that produce higher alcohol, fruitier, and often jammier wines, but others prefer the lighter-bodied, fresher, higher acid wines of cool or damp years.