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You need to hire me to sell your home, if that doesn?t work out then fire me! I can sell your home priced right in weeks not months! I?m not bragging I?m asking for a job!

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Searching for MLS listings in the Fresno area? Buy Fresno homes for sale today. You can see available Fresno property listings using our advanced property search tools and get quick access to the most complete home listings database. Find a wide range of Fresno homes with detailed Fresno information. In addition to our property listing search, Bob Farrar, a qualified real estate specialist in Fresno, can also tell you everything you need to know about hunting for real estate for sale and give detailed information about each Fresno real estate that is listed on the Fresno real estate market. Bob Farrar strives to give professional real estate services in Fresno. It is Bob Farrar?s main concern to give clients professional service. Bob Farrar is dedicated to providing you with outcomes you are happy with.

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If you are hunting for a real estate expert to walk you through investing in real estate, Bob Farrar can help you find a property that meets your expectations. Bob Farrar?s area of expertise includes buying property near golf courses, selling ranches, and working with investment properties in Fresno. If you would like professional help with buying or selling buying property near golf courses, selling ranches, and working with investment properties, contact Bob Farrar today for more information. Get notified about home price cuts, open houses, or whenever new Fresno houses for sale are listed or sold. Fill out the form provided below and get connected with a real estate agent today!

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Why should I place my home with you to sell?

Our firm sold hundreds of homes last year and averaged 98.5% of the list price! That's a great track record. I can stage your home to attract buyers with five specific keys! I also have access to all selling Realtors whose buyers fit your home profile; each of these Realtors will receive contact directly from me the first day of the listing. I call this reverse prospecting!

As a homeowner can I sell my home by myself?

Yes but I'm not sure you would want too! Homeowners don't have access to the buyers, 98% of all the buyers already work with Real Estate Agents. For Sale by owner the buyers will not see your listing only your neighbors! There are many Legal forms a seller must disclose to the buyer, only a Real Estate Professional can assist the seller in this process.

What will you do different than other Real Estate Agents in finding us a new home?

I will need to ask you and your spouse the following questions: What type of home satisfies your two needs? The style of home that satisfies your family's emotional needs? The style of home that satisfies your family's physical needs as in convenience, safety, fun, pleasure, and pride of ownership?

Why are homes selling so fast in this local market?

This is a current seller market. Homes are selling and so am I! There is a shortage of homes for sale in the greater Valley. Therefore homes are priced to the current market have multiple offers in most cases! It's a perfect time to sell your home!

My Home is in perfect condition, can I list it at the top of my neighborhood's market pricing?

With all the current upgrades existing, I would still list the property to the current market to have you stand out! Then let the market attract a bidding war thus resulting in offer far above your neighborhood's TOP price!