Your Character Matters: Stone Corral Elementary's Daniela Martinez

Every week in partnership with the Tulare County Office of Education we tell stories about South Valley students with great character.

At Stone Corral Elementary School the students and staff are like a family; which is why it's no surprise one of their eighth grade students is recognized for her strong character.

Whether she's behind the scenes or singing on stage with her classmates-- Daniela Martinez stands out at school. 

"She's a people person. She cares particularly with the younger kids. They can come to her and she's really good at being able to talk to them," said Principal Chris Kemper. 

"She always tries to make everyone laugh with everything. She's always happy," stated Daniela Martinez's Best Friend Daniela Saldana. 

"I've known her since she was a little kid and I've seen her progress and she's really grown as a student and as a person," said Kemper. 

The K-8 grade school is like a family and Daniela treats everyone like they're a member -- which is why she's recognized for her strong character.

"She's always by your side and tries to compliment you when you're sad," mentioned Saldana. 

Kemper said her helpful personality is infectious.

"They support each other and are learning in their presentations. By the time they're in the 8th grade they're almost sisters they're like big sisters," stated Kemper. 

"Makes me happy because they're saying nice things about me," exclaimed Daniela Martinez. 

She may be a bit shy in front of cameras but her friends say she's just the opposite.

"Shes very happy shes also shes very wild. She always tries to make everyone laugh with everything she says; shes always happy," said Saldana. 

For Daniela, being respectful and always having a strong character is key.


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