Your Character Matters: Soccer Standout

TULARE, Calif. - Every week in partnership with the Tulare County Office of Education, we tell stories about South Valley students with character.

This week, we head to Tulare to meet a girl who loves the game of soccer and scores big when it comes to character.

From kicking to scoring goals, 4th grader Yannina Minguela is a star on the field at Roosevelt Elementary School in Tulare. 

But she's also a star when it comes to character -- always thinking of others before herself.

"I like passing the ball to people," 9-year-old Yannina Minguela said. "Some people don't make goals, and I always make goals, so I like passing it to them."

Wanting her teammates to score goals before herself is a selfless act that her teacher, Elvia Meza, says is not surprising.

"She loves soccer and she loves helping other kids," Elvia Meza said. " Nowadays, a lot of kids think 'me,me,me,me' but she thinks of others and wants to help."

Wanting to help not only her friends, but her teacher too. 

"I like doing stuff for her like doing stuff she has to do and helping her clean up," Yannina said.

From helping her teacher clean, to encouraging her fellow students to read -- her good deeds do not go unnoticed.

"She is very smart because of that she doesn't allow that to make her feel better than the rest," Mrs. Meza adds. "She is like another little teacher in the classroom. I adore her."

Just like her sparkly shoes, Yannina's character shines as she enjoys sharing with others.

"More than winning and scoring the goals, she motivates the rest of the team so they all do good," Mrs. Meza said.

Yannina Miguela of Roosevelt Elementary School shows us why Your Character Matters.

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