Your Character Matters: Ridgeview Middle School's Mika Timmerman

TULARE COUNTY, Calif. - Every week in partnership with the Tulare County Office of Education we tell stories about South Valley students with great character.

Mika Timmerman isn't your normal middle schooler. She's known for her academics, athleticism, for always making the right decision, and for always being kind and respectful to not just her friends but everyone she comes into contact with.

A normal Saturday for Mika Timmerman includes heading into the Valley Oak SPCA with her grandma spending time caring for animals.

Whether it's volunteering or being at school everyone said the same thing -- she's the epitome of respectful, which is why she stands out.

"Anytime they come out I feel like I just know it's going to be a brighter day," said Valley Oak SPCA Director Augy Ramirez.

"I just set Mika apart because when you see her interacting with her peers and teachers she is so thoughtful and respectful you can't help but notice," said Mika's 8th Grade Ridgeview Middle School Teacher DeAnn Myers.

Myers said Mika is the perfect role model.

"The boys and girls at Ridgeview know that when Mika says something or does something she is doing it out of thoughtfulness and she's doing it out of strong moral character. She has a strong moral compass and she knows she's doing the right thing," she said. 

For Mika -- she doesn't worry about the every day stress of being a young teen.

 "There is so much drama and mean stuff going around if everyone was nice and had a strong moral compass the two years in middle school would be peaceful," siad Zimmerman. 

She stays true to her character.

"I was glad when I found out I got the nomination because I always try to be the best student I can in class so it made me feel happy," she said.

The Valley Oak SPCA in Visalia is accepting new volunteer applications and are also having an open house for their new facility Saturday January 6th starting at 10AM. To become a volunteer like Mika: click here.

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