Your Character Matters: Recycle Champion

VISALIA, Calif. - Every week in partnership with the Tulare County Office of Education, we tell stories about South Valley students with character in our series, "Your Character Matters."

This week, we head to Redwood High School in Visalia to meet an impressive high school senior -- who has put taking care of the school's campus and the environment before herself.

Senior Claire Stetson of Redwood High School is the founder of the Green Club on campus. A club that focuses on recycling on campus and saving the planet -- one plastic water bottle at a time.
"I'm really passionate about the environment," Claire Stetson says. "I was raised really early on to recycle and to keep the environment healthy."
Which is why she's served as President of Redwood's Green Club for the past three years.
"I try to include everyone. I want everyone to know we are part of a team and work together," Claire adds. "I like listening. I am more of a listener than a talker."
It's her listening to others and her leadership style that's made quite an impression on fellow Green Club members, like Daisy Gonzalez.
"She is a smart person and a good friend whether she is helping with homework or getting information about important stuff in and out of school," Senior Daisy Gonzalez of Redwood High School says. "She is always there to help us -- especially with Green Club."
Fellow Green Glub Member Andrea Wullschleger adds: "She makes everyone feel important and everyone is involved and has their part in the club." 
Claire's responsibility and hard-work attitutde is noticed by her teachers too.
"She steps up to the plate and handles and coordinates everything," Green Club Co-Adviser, Ross Eskridge says. 
Claire is all about her community -- caring about the condition of her campus, her city, and her planet.
"A person with character is someone who is always thinking of others and the world around them and figuring out what they can do to serve," Claire says.
Claire Stetson of Redwood High School shows us why, "Your Character Matters."

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