Your Character Matters: New Kid

VISALIA, Calif. - Every week, in partnership with the Tulare County Office of Education, we tell stories about South Valley students with strong character.

This week we head to Crescent Valley Public Charter high school in Visalia to meet new student, Cristian Ramirez.

Cristian is new to the Central Valley -- moving from Oregon last year.

But because of Cristian's character he has already stood out; in the classroom and on the soccer field.

Cristian's Assistant Soccer Coach, Ryan Lapadula of Crescent Valley says, "This is our first year having a soccer team so it's a real cool thing having kids build a program, and having kids like Cristian, taking a leadership role."

And being a leader doesn't mean he's the loudest. 

"He is a natural and silent leader," Lapadula adds. "He leads with his actions and encourages with his words."

Encouraging his teammates has led this team to select him as Soccer Team Captain. Pretty cool, for being the new kid.

But Cristian's Crescent Valley Public Charter high school teacher, Danny Hernandez, says if you know him -- it's not surprising.

"You ever come across someone that people gravitate towards? That's the way he is. He is just a nice boy," Mr. Hernandez says.

With lots of one-on-one learning at Crescent Valley, Mr. Hernandez has really gotten to know his new student, who has already showed him what determination looks like. He adds:

"I've learned with hard work anything is possible, because right now, Cristian is taking his classes, he's playing soccer and basketball, and he is juggling all that and looking for a part-time job."

For Cristian, it's just in his nature.

"I'm a nice person," student Cristian Ramirez says. "A good person on the field and respectful to our teammates and the rest of the team."

Cristian Ramirez of Crescent Valley Public Charter shows us why Your Character Matters.

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