Your Character Matters: Mission Oak High School's Rhegan Fernandes

Rhegan Fernandes, Mission Oak High School

TULARE COUNTY, Calif. - Juggling basketball and volleyball comes easy for one Mission Oak High School student, but coaches said it's not just her skill set that makes her stand out, but her character.

Rhegan Fernandes doesn't stop. If there's a play, she's there. A statement true on the court, two different courts that is, and off.

"I want people to remember me for my academics and sports life. I try my hardest. I want to be  remembered as an all-around person and someone that is involved in every aspect. I want to be remembered as someone you can look up to as a whole," she said.

She is a 4.4 gpa student, 3-year varsity volleyball player, and 4-year varsity basketball starter.

"I like being one of the people in most plays. Being someone where if the ball is 20-ft away I can get to it just putting in 110 %," said Fernandes.

To her coaches, the Mission Oak senior is a go-getter by every definition.

"She would come up and dribble a volleyball like a basketball in-between her legs with a spin move. This chick is insane. She has so much character. If I gave her a tennis racket and soccer ball she'd probably be dribbling that too," said Mission Oak High School Varsity Volleyball Coach Casey Norman.

"She's like coach on the floor. Her athletic ability is outstanding. Her knowledge of the game is tremendous and her work ethic is great. You combine all those qualities, I don't care what sport it is, that's the ideal beast you want playing for you. It makes your job as a coach easier. She's really really intelligent and just a class act," said Mission Oak High School Varsity Basketball Coach David Caetano.

Though her athleticism is apparent, her strong character shines the brightest.

"She is such a character. Her personality alone shines out above the crowd. She's a delight to have, always positive, and a great reinforcement. She's the heart of the team," said Norman.

"For her, intelligence and maturity is huge. You could see she was special from the beginning," said Caetano.

Rhegan wants her legacy at Mission Oak to be more than just her accomplishments, but her strength.

"I get achievements for my sports life, and I like that I was able to be recognized in other parts and in other aspects. I was just really grateful. I'm happy my character and attitude stood out other than just on the court. With strong character, you can believe in yourself. You always want to push yourself. Give yourself 110%. If you give it 80% you're just going to regret it in the end," she said.

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