Your Character Matters: Golden Valley Elementary's Christine Buzo

FRESNO, Calif. - Every week in partnership with the Tulare County Office of Education, we tell stories about South Valley students with awesome character.

At Golden Valley Elementary School in Orosi, second graders huddle together in their reading groups where student leader, Christine Buzo, is in charge of marking sure her group stays on task.

"She has become an amazing leader for other students in her class. She enjoys helping students that are struggling and need a little more support," Christine's 2nd grade teacher Julie Guerrero said.

Christine is a natural leader and can be seen supporting her fellow peers by helping them learn new words and read sentences out loud.

"I tell them what to do. I don't want them to misbehave, because you can't misbehave in this class. You don't want to see people misbehave in this class," Christine said.

Mrs. Guerrero said she can't help but notice the maturity Christine has for only being in 2nd grade.

"They are seven and it is very easy to be distracted and want to do something else," Mrs. Guerrero said. "But she is self discipline and knows this is work and that needs to get down and she is able to help others and make sure they are getting their work done."

Christine is all work, but some play, as she is no stranger to being sweet and making friends.

"She is a nice friend because she is very helpful and nice and she is just a good leader," her classmate Daniela Garcia said.

Christine said, "If they treat me nice then I treat them nice, because if I want to be treated nice I have to act nice."

The golden rule, never too young for a 2nd grader to follow.

"I don't like hurting people's feelings so I just try to be nice to them," Christine said.

Christine Buzo of Golden Valley Elementary shows us why Your Character Matters.

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