Your Character Matters: Global Learning Charter School's Jacob Negrete

TULARE COUNTY, Calif. - Every week in partnership with the Tulare County Office of Education, we tell stories about South Valley students with great character.

He's not your average 11-year-old. 5th Grader Jacob Negrete doesn't rush home to video games after school. He has very official business to take care of.

"I am putting the cart into the electrical room. These are the playground carts," he said while starting his walking route around the Global Learning Charter campus after school.

First he cleans up the playground then it's onto the parking lot.

"That's what I do. Now the cars should have cleared up so I can pick up the cones," said Jacob.

Around the school he goes helping out the janitorial staff making sure all parking cones are picked up and doors are locked.

He does so every single day since he started months ago. Taking on these responsibilities by himself, without expecting anything in return, why does he do it?

"I just wanted to help that day and every day from now on I've been helping because it's been really fun to stay there and chat with the office people," said Jacob.

To him, the front office staff is his second family.

"He comes every day after school. He picks up the cones. No one asked him to he just asked if he can help. He's always very polite," said Global Learning Charter School Secretary Jill Dinkins,

"He shows he cars about the staff, his community, his school, and most of all himself," said Vice Principal Herman Villarreal.

"I think it's better to stay. You should always help and not always think about yourself," said Jacob.


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