Your Character Matters: Gentle Giant

KINGSBURG, Calif. - Every week in partnership with the Tulare County Office of Education, we tell stories about South Valley students with great character.

At Kings River Union School in Kingsburg, 8th grader Derek Schaub is a tall drink of water. Even though he towers over his friends in height, he's no big man on campus, because Derek likes to spend his time looking out for the little guy.

Which is why one day he broke up a bullying incident on the playground.

"They were messing around with him and I went and helped him and he's doing better," 8th Grader Derek Schaub said.

When asked why he put himself on the line to help someone else, he said: "Because I don't want to see people hurt and sad."

Derek is known around the playground as being responsible and a stand up guy.

"Whenever anybody gets hurt he is always the first to help them out, he is the first one to tell a teacher, and first to take them to the nurse," Derek's friend, Mason Waldner said.

And he does it all with a smile.

Derek's friend Jotzael Roman adds, "He's a good friend he always has a positive attitude and when we play sports and we are losing he always has a positive attitude."

From the classroom to the court, Derek leads with his actions and teaches his friends some valuable lessons.

"Look at everybody in the same light and be fair with everybody -- that is Derek in a nutshell," Teacher and Coach, Randy Darnell said.

Derek Schaub of Kings River Union shows us why Your Character Matters.

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