Your Character Matters: El Monte Middle School's Estefany Nunez

OROSI, Calif. - Every week in partnership with the Tulare County Office of Education, we tell stories about South Valley students with great character. This week, we head to El Monte Middle School in Orosi to meet character standout, Estefany Nunez.

Estefany Nunez is in 7th grade and is enrolled in a class called AVID. AVID stands for 'Advancement Via Individual Determination.' El Monte Middle School is a National Demonstration School for the national AVID program that prepares students for college by teaching them organization and application skills.

"It's basically like college because you have to be prepared for your next class and it helps a lot," 7th grader Estefany Nunez said.

Jose Montemayor is Estefany's AVID Instructor.

"Estefany is a wonderful, kind, sweet person. She is an amazing student and an even better person," Jose Montemayor said. "She has a heart of gold."

Even though Estefany might shine like gold in her AVID class, it wasn't always an easy road, as she used to struggle with her writing.

"She showed how responsible and how dedicated she is. She didn't let one little small step stop her, and now she is one of my best writers." Jose adds, "She went from struggling, to becoming one of the best, and it's all from perseverance and dedication."

Character traits she has passed on to fellow classmates, like Isaiah Facio.

"I was kind of failing AVID but she was saying, 'I can make it. I can get an 'A' and then I got an 'A'!" 7th grader Isaiah Facio said.

Estefany gets an 'A' for helping others and being a role model to her peers.

"If you ever need help on something, like homework or questions, she would ask you if you ever needed help and she would help you through the entire process," Estefany's classmate 7th grader Leslie Tover said.

Estefany's teacher Jose Montemayor adds, "She is such a dedicated, hard-working, selfless, giving person that I am sure she is going to achieve great things in her life."

Estefany said she has dreams of attending Princeton and becoming an FBI agent. 


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