Your Character Matters: El Diamante High School's Samaria Tamayo

TULARE COUNTY, California - Gymnastics, swimming, FFA and drama are just some of the accomplishments of one south valley teen. This high school senior's resume' speaks for itself.

Samaria Tamayo isn't your normal high school senior. In her free time you will find her going to a dozen club meetings, in the pool, on a motorcycle, or in the court room.

A convincing testimony, a young lady playing the role of a legal eagle. She's an accomplished actress in her own right. Twelfth grade student at El Diamante High School, Samaria Tamayo takes the mock trial quite seriously; acting out for real players in the legal profession.

"We put on fake court trials. Sometimes we do drugs, this year it's a murder case. Each of us get to play our own part. We go in front of real lawyers and judges and and we argue. I love it so much," said Tamayo. 

As she competes for her final competition of senior year, she reflects on how much she has grown.

"It's taught me's taught me a lot about teamwork and the laws and how well a school can come together and put together this thing that's a very adult thing," she mentioned. 

"I would say she's very funny she's a little sassy you'll see tonight she has a lot of character," said her classmate Sara Seyedebrahimi.

Her list of accomplishments is packed with activities and school involvement.

"Cheer, gymnastics, water polo, swim, mock trial, FFA, drama, gamers club, lost girls lady bikers", Tamayo exclaimed. 

One of the reasons the El Diamonte 12th grader is recognized for her strong character.

"She had a lot more of an amazing capacity in citizenship and growing as a person her potential her beliefs and what she wanted to se with people," said math teacher Randy Hendricks. 

He said all her hard work should add up to a bright future.

"She's not afraid to speak her mind. Out of a lot of kids she sees the big picture as opposed to what I am doing this week. She sees how things are inter connected between people, systems, organizations. She really sees that and gets that she really gets that," stated Hendricks. 

Whatever is in her future, whether she's in the court room or's the limit

"I'm going to be the best flight attendant, family lawyer, president of the United States...somewhere in there I'm going to be a congresswoman, librarian ever," she stated with excitement. 

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