Your Character Matters: Dinuba High School's Audrey Menard

DINUBA, Calif. - Every week in partnership with the Tulare County Office of Education, we tell stories about South Valley students with great character.

This week, we head to Dinuba High School to meet Audrey Menard -- a Junior at Dinuba High School.

Audrey is a member of the Ignite Club, a Christian Club on campus.

"It's a good reminder of who you are in Christ and you can take that around campus," Audrey Menard said.

What Audrey takes around campus, is kindness and staying positive even when she was recently faced with some bad news.

"I came home after a choir concert to find out that my Papa was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. At first you didn't want to believe it and it was shocking, " Audrey said.

What was even more shocking was how she responded to the cancer diagnosis, said Audrey's Ignite Club Advisor and Integrated Science Teacher Christopher Seitz.

"Audrey had a positive attitude, in fact she said, 'We are believing he will be healed.' And I was floored by that statement and I think she can say that because she has a profound faith," said teacher, Christopher Seitz.

Audrey adds:

"I have this positive mindset that he is healed we are going to pass through this and it will be a miracle that we can use to help other people."

Always looking to help others. It's that selflessness that not only inspires Audrey's peers, but also, her teachers.

"Her smile alone is enough to make me smile and people respect her teachers and students a like, because she is so mature for her age and radiates beauty and kindness," Seitz said.

Kindness and resilience to whatever life throws her way.

"When it feels like everything is going wrong in the world to focus on that positive thing," Audrey said. "That can change your whole view on everything that will get you through the hardest moments."

Audrey Menard of Dinuba High School shows us why Your Character Matters.


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