Your Character Matters: Big Sister

PORTERVILLE, Calif. - Every week in partnership with the Tulare County Office of Education, we tell stories about South Valley students with great character.

At Oak Grove Elementary in Porterville every day counts. For 5th grader, Jesslyn Garcia, every day is about caring for others.

"She is very friendly and says hi every morning and good morning, " said Jesslyn's classmate, Jayden Barrios. "We will start working and she will be quiet when we need to be quiet."

Jesslyn's 5th grade class is all about justice and treating everyone fairly and equally.

"The social contract that we sign at the beginning of the year states how everyone wants to be treated and how they don't," Jesslyn's 5th grade teacher, Mario Valdez said. "She has been very receptive to teamwork and fairness."

And it's not just in the classroom where Jesslyn shines, but also at home, in taking care of her little brother.

"My brother has autism so he can't talk and he needs most of my parent's attention," 5th grader Jesslyn Garcia said. "I always try to play with my brother and make him feel welcome."

Even with her autistic sibling needing a lot of attention from her parents, Jesslyn said the best thing in her life -- is her little brother.

"It really touches me and I see that my son struggles but Jesslyn helps him feel safe and comfortable," Jesslyn's mom, Josie Garcia said.

From taking care of her brother, to her classmates -- Jesslyn stands tall for what character is all about.

"It's selfless because you are caring about other people besides yourself," Jesslyn adds.

Jesslyn Garcia of Oak Grove Elementary shows us why Your Character Matters.

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