Working for Life: Your job and its impact on your lifespan

FRESNO, California - When it comes to retiring, most people wait until they are 65 years old but other people end up working way beyond that.

At the corner of First and Clinton street in Fresno you'll find the valley's door to Italy...where an Italian immigrant has been showing up to work for 38 years!

Sam's Italian Deli and Market" was started by Sam Marziliano and his wife Angela who's now 75-years-young. If her son Nick, the manager, is the brains of the operation, then Angela is the heart and soul.  There's even a sign on the door--'Angela's kitchen.' 

"We don't put preservatives. Like grandma used to make," she stated.

Everything on the menu--she wrote the recipe for. Today she's making pasta sauce; and after nearly 4 decades she has a loyal following.

Lucinda Oviedo started coming here for lunch during high school 30 years ago.

"Its like my home, I've been coming here forever so I love it," said Oviedo.

They have customers from all over the valley, even as far away as Pismo.

"Even the Uber driver! Sometimes I take Uber they ask where you going to work. They say oh! we love that place."

Instead of slaving over a hot stove all day she could be at home relaxing.

"I get bored stay home."

And she's not alone. The Department of Labor is predicting the number of workers who are 65 and older to increase through 2020. While some seniors keep working because they need the money others like Angela just like what they do.

"You have to have a heart for cooking."

Doctor Amit Saini specializes in geriatrics at Kaiser Permanente in Fresno. He says seniors who stay active can improve their golden years.

"Finding a purpose having a meaning of life and staying physically active are all indicators of healthy aging," said Dr. Saini. 

But how do older people avoid getting worn out-- by working so much?

"Find a balance in your life. The physical work, the emotional stress, the sleep, the spirituality and the social circle you have," he stated. 

Doctor Saini tells us sleep is key for older people to allow their body to heal. And with advancements in medicine more people are expected to live longer. 

The prediction for 2020...

"106,000 people living over the age of 100," he stated. 

People like Angela who still have a reason to get out bed everyday are well on their way. She's not planning to retire any time soon. And when you can cook like she can why bother?

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