Women found dead at motel room hazmat incident

Fresno, California - Two women are found dead inside of a Motel 6 near Ashlan and Blackstone in Fresno. Tonight investigators are working to find out exactly what happened. First responders say they found the women lifeless inside of one of the rooms with respirators on their faces.

Investigators say this was a very dangerous situation for all of the people including families with pets and small children who were staying at the motel. 

Detectives want to know more about what led up to these two women losing their lives. 

In hazmat suits first responders rushed to a room at the Motel 6 where two women were found by employees lifeless inside. 

There was some type of a chemical making process inside. There appeared to be respirators on the women. At this point we're not sure if this is a murder suicide, or maybe a double suicide or accidental death," said Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer.

Terrified motel guests rushed to evacuate. 

"I kind of hear the police helicopter telling people to get out of the motel and I was like oh my God what is going on and I looked out the window and saw people scurrying out," said Isaac a motel guest.  

With fire crews and investigators shutting down the street and swarming the evacuated Motel 6-- one man was taken down by police because he tried to push past police because he was concerned about his sister. 

Meanwhile, investigators say the toxic substance inside the room is sulfuric acid and they found notes in the room too. 

"They had to breech the bathroom door. That's where the females were found," said Chief Dyer. 

Motel guests were forced out onto the street for hours and now they have to process what they've experienced. 

"That's very concerning to me. I don't know if I should stay," said Amanda Taylor an evacuated motel guest.   

A maintenance worker along with a member of the cleaning staff were exposed to the fumes here as well. They were treated here at the scene and are expected to be ok. We'll update you at with any new details we learn. 

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