Woman Killed After Fresno Vehicle Vs. Pedestrian Crash

FRESNO, Calif. --  A deadly crash in Fresno happened on Tuesday night. Police said a driver hit and killed a woman in the middle of the road.

It happened around 5:45 at White and Fresno Streets. Police said the pedestrian, a woman in her 60's, was crossing the road in a dark area, with no crosswalk and witnesses say she was wearing dark clothing.

Police said the driver saw her before the crash.

"The information we developed is that he was driving northbound, he did see the pedestrian and tried to swerve to avoid striking her. Unfortunately she doubled back into the path of the vehicle and was struck," said Lt. Steve Card.

Police said the pedestrian may have been at fault. This is the second day in a row with a deadly vehicle vs. pedestrian crash.

Police are reminding pedestrians to wear bright clothing and use a flashlight and a cross walk.

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